No more traditional solutions

Cloud solutions keep pace with the acceleration in the world of technology 

Follow your business from anywhere in the world


 Cloud solutions provide its users with unlimited access to all the solutions they use in their companies and organizations from all over the world.


No more costs in software prices

With cloud solutions, there are no more infrastructure costs such as servers, networks, or software prices.

Constant updates

Cloud software gets constant updates without the need to stop working or update the software on the client's device

Encrypted communications

All communications between you and the services are encrypted to the highest security standards to ensure the confidentiality of information transmitted over the internet and not to fall into the wrong hands.

From everywhere

Cloud software enables you to access all data from anywhere in the world with ease and without restrictions, every device with internet and browser can get the service seamlessly.

​Accounting and everything you need to manage your company or organization in one place!!


Sadeem Co, offers an open source Odoo system as a software solution to manage all your company's requirements

 Why Odoo? 

Its suite of applications works seamlessly - giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do - centrally and over the internet you can access it from anywhere using any device. (Mobile - laptop-personal computer etc..)

Odoo applications are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes and reap savings and benefits.

Odoo is built on a set of technical and software foundations that are unique in terms of quality and accuracy. It provides a unified method of use across all applications with unparalleled ease..​


One system that meets all aspects


All the time-saving tools you need to grow your business and financial information

Warehouse management

Get an accurate inventory assessment and optimize the performance of all your internal processes.

Points of sale

A simple and easy interface suitable for all retail and restaurant activities


Create quotes in seconds and sign them electronically


Easily manage suppliers and purchase orders..


All in one: recruitment, assessment, expenses, vacations, attendance, etc


Track potential opportunities, guarantee opportunities and get accurate forecasts. .


Great product display pages that are easy to use on a mobile phone