Repositories to servers manager Documentation

How to install and configure

This module only support linux OS, And has been tested on (Debian 12 and Centos 8)

Before we start Please prepare this requirements 

Master server

All steps are required module wont work without this

  1. Install paramiko python package (pip install paramiko)
  2. Upload (sadeem_server_git_manager) to your odoo installation addons directory
  3. Restart your odoo service

Install module
  1. Enable developer mode on - Go to settings and navigate down then press Activate the developer mode
  2. Go to Apps menu and press Update Apps List Then press Update
  3.  Search for "sadeem_server_git_manager" then click Activate/Install
  4. After install module give your user required permission for managing Repositories to servers manager module

Your are now ready to configure your Module

Configure Module

After install module successfully and get required permission refresh page to see new installed module

 1- Open module menu

Add your first server 

Go to >> Servers Menu Click new button to create server

  1. Confirm Server
  2. Cancel Server
  3. Server Name
  4. Server IP
  5. SSh Username
  6. SSH Port
  7. Run commands on this server with "sudo"
  8. Default restart service command, ex service odoo restart
  9. Default addons directory
  10. Server Country
  11. Server Country State
  12. Server Password if you use password
  13. Server Key if you use key to connect

If you enabled "sudo" every command will run on this server will run with sudo before it

And if you enable sudo you must provide password or server wont be confirmed

If you provided key and password Module will use key only, So please provide the correct way to connect

  1. Reset to draft
  2. Cancel Server
  3. Install requirements
  4. Server state

If you clicked "Install requirements" Required packages will installed on remote server

for now only "git" is required

Add your first Git Account 

Go to >> Git Accounts Menu Click new button to create account

  1. Account Username
  2. Access token
  3. Notes

How to create Github Access token

Open you github account and under settings open Developer settings then Personal Access token

Type your notes and choose expiration period

And choose full repo permissions to be able to access private repositories.

Add your first Repository  

Go to >> Git Accounts Menu Click new button to create Repository

  1. Repositories Menu
  2. Repostory Name
  3. Github account who is have access to this repository
  4. Branch
  5. Enable queue job this option is for large repositories and big number of server
  6. last commit pulled from this repository
  7. Last commit message
  8. last commit By
  9. Server lines add here all server you want to link to this repository
  10. Repository webhook state

Enable queue job is requiring extra module and can be found here

Please install this module before enable this option and make sure you have setup it correctly and it is working

  1.  This option is to restart service on this server automatically on new commits
  2. This mean last commit on this server is equal to last commit on this repository
  3. Unlink webhook
  4. This repository webhook is unlinked
  5. This repository webhook is linked

When module git new webhook event it start pulling on all servers linked to this repository and all actions are logged

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